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Ice Cream Tycoon 7.3

The aim of Ice Cream Tycoon 1.0 is to earn money by selling ice creams
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Ice Cream Tycoon 1.0 is a business management game developed by Kozmo Games and published by If you want to visit the developer´s web page, use the home URL, Buy and Download link point to the correct links at
The aim of Ice Cream Tycoon 1.0 is to earn as much money as possible by selling ice creams. Every day we must buy the ice creams we want to sell. Then we go to a neighbourhood to sell them. We must try to remember what are the most demanded ice creams to be sure to get some of those for the next day. We can also spend some money on promotion so as to get more customers. When we get enough money we can buy new vehicles with more capacity and better appearance, and also new neighbourhoods will be unlocked. This is a classical tycoon game that any business management games lover will like.
Ice Cream Tycoon 1.0 is a full featured time limited demo version that will stop working after 60 minutes of game. To keep playing for more time, the retail version must be bought at the developer's page.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Lots of actions to do
  • Great graphics


  • Boring music
  • It´s quite difficult at the beginning
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